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Susan Lasecki P.E., S.E. has more than twenty five years of creative, progressive, efficient and responsible engineering experience. Susan enjoys problem solving and looks at each challenge as an opportunity to make a win-win situation for all parties in the design and construction process. Her designs focus on solutions that are efficient, safe, durable, and economical.

Susan graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1996 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Architectural Engineering. She specialized in structural and mechanical systems. In 2007, Susan graduated from Milwaukee School of Engineering with her Master’s degree in Structural Engineering.

After graduation in 1996, Susan worked for consulting engineers in the design of new structures. She also performed forensic investigations for existing structures which had experienced failures. Following her experience in consulting, Susan worked as an engineer for a Wisconsin based precast concrete manufacturer and installer as a precast concrete component engineer. During her experience at this company, she designed many complex and total precast structures including health club facilities, precast parking decks and hotels.

In 2004, Susan re-entered consulting and designed many multimillion dollar facilities including high schools, grade schools, manufacturing facilities, churches, office buildings and wastewater treatment facilities.

During Susan’s engineering career, she has also spent ten years teaching part-time at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. During the past five years, Susan has also spent time completing architectural designs as needed by the firms that employed her.

For more specific information regarding her past employment and experience, please feel free to look at her profile on LinkedIn which can be found at: LinkedIn - Susan Lasecki


P.O. Box 466

Plover, Wisconsin 54467


Phone: 414-540-8755

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